Founded in 2002, ABC Pathways Group is steadfast in its commitment to delivering top-tier English education. Our approach is designed to foster a stress-free, nurturing atmosphere in a positively encouraging environment.

The curriculum design and teaching philosophy of ABC Pathways Group equips students to become proficient in English at the level of Hong Kong Band One or international schools.

Specialising in early childhood education, ABC Pathways Group has an ambitious vision for the future. We’re eager to broaden our expertise, both locally and globally, to continue fulfilling our mission.

ABC Pathways Group has a deep-rooted care for both our young learners and their families. We are dedicated to offering them the finest educational experience.

ABC Pathways School

We are a professional English language school committed to providing a “stress-free + highly effective” curriculum. With branches located throughout Hong Kong, Kowloon, and the New Territories, we offer professional English courses for children aged 2 to 17.

We have over 300 professional and experienced teaching and administrative staff across the territory.Through creating a joyful and positive learning environment, we assist students in achieving the English standards of Band One schools and aligning with international English proficiency levels.

Additionally, we cultivate students’ positive character traits, values, critical thinking skills, and personal growth abilities.

ABC Pathways International Kindergarten

ABC has established branches worldwide, including in Hong Kong and Bangkok, and is dedicated to providing a comprehensive “happy and effective” learning environment for preschool to K3 children.

We have formed alliances and established friendly relationships with multiple primary schools. Graduates of ABC Pathways International Kindergarten have achieved a success rate of 98% or above in being admitted to their desired primary schools for several consecutive years, and we are proud of this accomplishment.

Our teaching team adheres to the philosophy of “stress-free teaching” and designs high-quality teaching materials based on the learning needs of children at different stages.

Through interaction between students and teachers, we are committed to promoting a win-win situation of “happiness,” “learning,” and “parent-child” dynamics.


As an affiliated English school of ABC, we inherit the essence of ABC’s teaching methodology, symbolizing the integration of Western teaching models with traditional Chinese examination culture, achieving a harmonious blend of Eastern and Western approaches.

As authorities in “Cambridge English” and “Read4Fun Phonics,” we combine innovative “happy learning” teaching methods, allowing children to develop a spontaneous love for learning in a stress-free environment. With ease, they achieve outstanding academic results, cultivating a new generation of top achievers and showcasing remarkable learning outcomes to parents.

Bally together we walk

As the leading parenting education channel in Hong Kong, founded by Bally with over 20 years of educational experience, we are committed to providing diverse information on parenting, childcare, and education.

We invite renowned principals and experts from the education and business sectors for interviews, where they share their experiences. This channel is dedicated to delivering positive energy to Hong Kong parents, instilling sound family educational concepts, advocating for positive education and values, and nurturing the next generation of social talents.

Our goal is to make Hong Kong a city of joyful learning, providing children with a conducive environment for growth and ample learning opportunities.

Bread & Butter Strategic Consultancy

Established in 2013 by a group of proactive, passionate, and experienced professionals, our company focuses on brand marketing, event management, creative solutions, and client networking, leveraging years of experience in brand promotion and the education industry.

Our mission is to maximize client benefits through high-impact strategic marketing solutions and innovative ideas.

ABC Education Foundation

Established in 2017, we gather positive educational energy and promote the message of “social inclusion.” We are committed to assisting families, women, and students in our local community.

We collaborate with listed companies, local businesses, educational groups, schools, and other organizations, transitioning from individuals to the community, caring for marginalized communities, and advocating for equal learning opportunities and healthy growth.

One of our initiatives, the “Love and Shared Education Assistance Program,” has been providing eligible underprivileged students with free kindergarten education for many years.

This program covers full-year tuition fees, uniforms, textbooks, miscellaneous expenses, and transportation fees.

ABC Smile

We are committed to introducing a range of high-quality and affordable teaching and epidemic prevention supplies to the academic community and parents.

Established in 2020, in response to the challenges brought about by the pandemic at that time, we established our own mask production line to provide masks and epidemic prevention materials to the educational community in Hong Kong at cost price.

Our goal is to provide convenience and protection to schools and parents by offering the highest quality, competitively priced, and reliable products to meet the needs of the academic community and parents.