Mid-Autumn Mooncake and Fragrant Rice Pie Distribution Event

The “Love and Compassion Education Fund” joins hands with the “ABC Parent Alumni Association,” “CityLab,” and “St. Anna Bakery” to distribute mooncakes and fragrant rice to those in need in the community, celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival together.

In addition to the families of graduating and current students from the 7 ABC Pathways International Kindergartens, Principal Bally also invited Principal Lu Wei-chung from #Pathways Academy to attend the event, sharing and imparting the meaning of helping others.

The event was very enriching. First, the children transformed into little helpers and distributed supplies to underprivileged families at the center. Afterwards, they personally went to community parks and cleaning stations to distribute supplies and offer Mid-Autumn Festival blessings and care to nearby residents, making them feel warm and cared for.

Finally, all volunteers returned to the center to share their experiences. Through this event, it is believed that the children can personally experience the meaning of “it is more blessed to give than to receive.”

Donated supplies include:
? 1600 mini mooncakes
? 420 packs (1kg) of fragrant rice