The “Love and Share Education Assistance Program” offers eligible students free kindergarten education

Scholarship Program Details:
Nature of the Program: Providing eligible students with free kindergarten education.
Funding Coverage: Full-year tuition fees, school uniforms, textbooks, miscellaneous expenses, and transportation subsidies, etc.
Student Eligibility: K1 – K3
Number of Slots per Year: 10 – 20 students

Interview Process:
Procedure 1: Qualified students recommended by designated NGOs participate.
Procedure 2: Parent interview.
Procedure 3: Student interview.
Procedure 4: After consultation among the advisors of the “Love and Share Education Assistance Program,” admission results are announced.


Society: Promoting inclusiveness and mutual assistance
Promoting social responsibility, raising awareness of inclusiveness across different sectors, encouraging resource sharing, and benefiting underprivileged students through the spirit of mutual help and love starting from education.

Education Sector: Promoting participation from the education sector
Bringing together the strengths of the primary, secondary, and kindergarten sectors, driving and collaborating on poverty alleviation programs. School directors, principals, and teachers work together wholeheartedly, embodying the belief that “knowledge changes destiny.” It is hoped that non-government-funded schools can provide free education to students in need of support.

Business Sector: Fostering the spirit of “inheritance”
Using platforms in various business sectors to provide different forms of support to society, such as donations, software or hardware support, media promotion, and coverage, allowing the spirit of “love and sharing” to be passed down to all levels and instilling a positive atmosphere.

Students: Helping grassroots students escape poverty
Providing quality education to grassroots students, enhancing their personal competitiveness, enabling them to attend better primary, secondary, and tertiary education institutions, and achieving the goal of improving their lives and escaping poverty, enriching their lives. After growing up, they continue to carry on the spirit of “love and sharing” and pass it on to the next generation.


  • K2 students facing special needs and requiring support.

Class Location:

  • ABC Pathways International Kindergarten (25, G/F, Phase 11, Whampoa Garden, Hung Hom)

Supporting Organizations: